Friday, February 18, 2011

Bryant E(rwin) Snyder

I enrolled in Laurent's wine-tasting course. It's a very small course, just 6 people. While I was waiting for the course to start, Bryant Snyder (the power operator) walks in. He enrolled too, what a coincidence.

I got to chatting with him. Although he's married, I get the feeling he's attracted to strong older men like Nikolai (also from DFS). He kept talking about what a good programmer Nikolai is and aspires to become just as good.

So naturally, since he couldn't shut up about it anyway, I heard a lot about his work experience at DFS. Bryant wrote the power module of the space station. His motto seems to be "security through obscurity" and he was very vague about his software. All I learned is that it is written in C and authenticates the user with his user ID.

He also told me that it's corporate policy to have backdoors in the system. In case an employee leaves or dies, another employee can have access to the abandoned module. For that reason, each employee has access to all other employees' homedirectories and passwords are stored centrally in /etc/pass.

After the winecourse, Bryant went home pretty quickly to be with his kids. I stayed behind and helped Laurent clean up the place. He was clearly intoxicated. He blurted out that he organises the wine-tasting course to meet women. I told him he should ask Maria out, because "I believe you two would make a good couple". Of course, I don't really care ;) But I'm sure they would go on a date since Maria has a crush on Laurent.