Monday, February 7, 2011

Job 331

This is the official start of Job 331. I've been on standby for months, it will be nice to get back in the game.

I visited the client this morning to get the details on Job 331. It's a corporate espionage deal, but one that should prove interesting. The entire operation is coordinated by a third party, which I'm pretty sure has mafia connections. They represent an anonymous company in the adult entertainment business...

Anyway, Job 331 concerns a startup company called "Dildo's From Space". Apparently, they manufacture vibrators (which I'll just call goods...) which are perfectly weight balanced. To do that, they designed a space station with a completely autonomous factory on board. It seems that it is very hard to manufacture these goods on Earth, but no problem in orbit.

As far as the client is aware, the space station has just been launched and is not active yet. They are very interested in acquiring one of these goods for study (primary target), and it wouldn't be bad if I could bankrupt the company (secondary target).

My job is to break into this space station's systems, start up the factory to create a product. Next, the product should be safely transported from the factory back to Earth.

I'd better get started.