Sunday, March 6, 2011

an act of non-random kindness

During the wine-binge at Laurent's place, he also gossiped to me about Mazur. It seems Mazur got into quite some problems with DFS after his laptop was stolen. Because the theft was his fault (he wasn't supposed to take the laptop with him as a junior employee), he now has to buy a new computer out of his own pocket.
Laurent informed me that Mazur is actually married and has 5 kids at home in India. He sends most of his paycheck there and has almost no money. Now he's almost starving himself to save up enough money to buy a computer.

That sucks ! I wasn't aware of this when I had the laptop stolen. It's not like I can give back his old computer now... Instead, I've decided to buy him a new computer anonymously. Today I went to, ordered a computer in his name and paid for it with my credit card.

To reward myself for this awesome gesture, I'm taking a week off.