Friday, March 4, 2011

Laurent Badeau

Last week's wine-tasting lesson was cancelled. Laurent seems to have scored with Maria.
After tonight's lesson, Laurent invited me back home to thank me for suggesting the date.

I accepted gladly and met them at his home, where Maria was also waiting. We had some snacks, played some boardgames and had a LOT of wine. I guess that's the advantage of knowing a wine-expert with his own wine cellar.

While both of them were passed out drunk, I logged in to the DFS VPN from Laurent's home computer and made a copy of all his files. Some time ago, Laurent accidently deleted all his files while drunk. From then on, he keeps backups. He told me once that he regularly emails his software to a hotmail account as a backup. I asked him if he thought hotmail could be trusted with his code and he just smiled back, saying that noone would figure out the hidden data in his backup.