Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nikolai Grigorev is KGB !

Nikolai is a mysterious guy. I've tried to dig up information about his past, but all I could find is that he used to work for the USSR army and was in control of the first spacestation ever launched. After that, his record is wiped.

After tracking his movements for a couple days, I found out that he makes regular visits to some
(apparently) abandoned building on the other side of the city. Last night, I broke into that building and discovered that it's a Russian safehouse !

I discovered official documents from the KGB(!) that indicate there is more going on with DFS than anyone thought. The goods produced in the spacestation are in fact classified and illegal weapons of mass destruction ! Cameron is on the KGB payroll aswell. The reason he doesn't work on the factory module code is not because he is a smarty pants, but because the KGB is developing the code instead.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any code of either the factory module or the orbital module. It has become a high priority for me to break into this orbital module and destabilize the spacestation's orbit so that this factory burns up in the atmosphere.

Before I left, I noticed a group picture on a desk and recognized the asian guy who is following me. I wonder how Nikolai and that guy are related ? Is he also KGB ?